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Transatlantic Sessions / Whirlie Records

The Transatlantic Sessions are a long running collaborative project lead by legendary Scottish fiddler Aly Bain which brings together Scottish and Northern American folk artists to create a series of iconic recordings. Shown on BBC4 the series is released on DVD together with three audio CDs of each session.

After designing the DVD & CD sleeves for Transatlantic Sessions #6, we were asked to create a website both for the Sessions and also their record label Whirlie Records.

The Transatlantic Sessions website contains detailed information about each of the nine sessions released to date, with video, audio feeds of the tracks, full listings of the artists involved, and details of each DVD and CD with links to their shop to buy yourself a copy. Other pages contain a detailed A-Z artist listing, latest news, reviews of the sessions and galleries together with press information and contact information.

The design was created to fit with their brand identity and print artwork, using a clean easily understandable content layout highlighted by fresh colors and large vivid photographs from the sessions themselves.

The website for their record label Whirlie Records followed the same structure and layout of the Transatalantic Sessions site and was rebranded and recolored to suit. The content consisted of the discography of the label with details of all their releases and artists, together with detailed information of the label’s lead artist Aly Bain. This site contained a large online shop which sold all their releases, and visitors to the Transatlantic Sessions website were directed here to purchase the session releases too.

The build was undertaken by the great Cole Henley at Tiny V.

Unfortunately these sites, although completed a while back, haven’t yet been launched. Hopefully they will be soon!


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Transatlantic Sessions #6