South Bend (Grid Iron)

South Bend – illustration & type (Grid Iron Theatre Company)

South Bend – illustration (Grid Iron Theatre Company)


South Bend
Grid Iron Theatre Company
Publicity image

After creating the promotional artwork for their previous production ‘Bingo! A New Musical Comedy’. We were asked to create the artwork for their new show ‘South Bend’.

The story of a Scottish man who travels to small town Indiana, USA to reunite with the girl he fell passionately in love with at university. Only to find things have changed and he’s on the road again, desperate to get home.

Without any press shots, the creation of this book jacket-esque promotional image, presented a challenge. The entire image had to be created from scratch, with every element being sourced separately, the figure, bag, suitcase, road, sky, clouds, sign, scenery…

The title was designed to reflect a small town road sign and was used as the brand for the production.

We loved the final image, hopefully representing the lost desperation of the journey but also giving a glimmer of hope to the tale!


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