Michael Kiel Cash – Shores of Mercy

Shores of Mercy – Album cover (Michael Kiel Cash)

CD sleeve – front & back (Michael Kiel Cash)

CD sleeve – inside panels (Michael Kiel Cash)


Michael Kiel Cash
Shores of Mercy
CD packaging

After completing his beautiful debut album artwork, U.S. based singer-songwriter Michael Kiel Cash asked us to create him a simple website to pull together the various aspects of his online presence.

The stunning album artwork had to be the focus of this site, and we went with making it about as punchy as it could be using a full background image. Then we displayed the page content simply on top in a ‘soul-warming’ yellow block. I love the vibrancy of this site, together with the simplicity of the presentation!

The site pulls together all his social media sites, together with hosting a news section, instagram & twitter feeds, biog & press, and of course contact and mailing list forms.

The album ‘Shores Of Mercy’ is incredible, seriously well worth checking out!


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