Luke Concannon ‘Ecstatic Bird in the Burning’

Ecstatic Bird in the Burning – album cover (Luke Concannon)

Album cover (vinyl) – front & back (Luke Concannon)

Album insert (vinyl) – front (Luke Concannon)

Album insert (vinyl) – back (Luke Concannon)

Record centre – A-side (Luke Concannon)

Record centre – B-side (Luke Concannon)

CD sleeve – front & back (Luke Concannon)

CD sleeve – inside panels (Luke Concannon)

T-shirt – front (Luke Concannon)

T-shirt – back (Luke Concannon)

Doing Nothing – single cover (Luke Concannon)

Your heart is in my chest – single cover (Luke Concannon)


Luke Concannon
‘Ecstatic Bird in the Burning’
Album sleeve, CD packaging, single covers

Having worked together for a while on smaller projects, the inspirational singer songwriter Luke Concannon invited us to design his new album and create a new website to modernise his online presence. Looking for a cleaner, simpler, responsive one-page layout.

The beautiful artwork from the latest album cover inspired the design and presented some rich imagery to work with. The site needed to pull together Luke’s far reaching online presence, and act as the first point of call for purchasing his music.

This extensive hub for Luke’s online activity integrates with his Spotify, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, BandsInTown, Mailchimp and Google accounts. With the online store selling albums and taking pre-orders.


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