Fringe Festival – posters

Jesus L’Oreal – poster (The Voodoo Rooms)

Ivy Paige – poster (The Voodoo Rooms)

One Night With Marilyn – poster (The Voodoo Rooms)

Illicit Thrill – poster (The Voodoo Rooms)

DJ Yoda – poster (The Voodoo Rooms)

Trump’s Fake TV – poster (The Voodoo Rooms)

Twonkey’s Greatest Twitch – poster (The Voodoo Rooms)

Vive La Varieté – poster (The Voodoo Rooms)

B. Dolan – poster (The Voodoo Rooms)


Edinburgh Fringe Festival
The Voodoo Rooms
Promotional posters


Edinburgh’s annual Fringe Festival is the highlight of the year for many. With the city plastered with posters yearning for your attention.

The Voodoo Rooms always has a stellar line-up of shows, from music and comedy, to burlesque and magic. These provide a wide range of source imagery and lead to a wide range of interesting poster designs.

Apart from the essential requirements to create a bold, striking poster, that’s easily read and understandable. We also wanted to raise the quality and depth of these designs, in order to reflect the high-end opulence of the venue.

Together with the typical printed posters and flyers, these projects also require the creation of social media adverts in various sizes for online promotion.


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